HotShots Delivery & Moving Offers the Following Tips for Your Next Move

If it’s your first time moving, or 131st, we can help make it safer, more secure, and simple! All it takes is following Hotshots Helpful Tips:

HotShots Helpful Tips

  • You may leave clothing items in dressers, etc., but please remove all breakables, fragile items and jewelry.
  • Notify us prior to move regarding any pre-damaged items.
  • Prior to your move while obtaining your quote notify us of any items that need disassembly/assembly.
  • If you need to stop at locations other than the main starting and ending locations please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Unplug all of your electronic appliances at least 24 hours in advance of a move, except for plasma televisions, so that they will all be at room temperature on your moving day. This includes home computers, video game consoles, stereos, and audio/video equipment.
  • Desk drawers should be completely empty. Legal, letter and lateral filing cabinets should also be empty.
  • If you have upholstered furniture then don’t cover them before moving. Moisture can cause mold if your furniture must be placed in storage.
  • Please point out to us extra-fragile items that need special attention. We will mark them appropriately. Also please separate items you are taking with you and do not want us to move.
  • Make sure to stand plates, glasses, stemware, etc., on their ends when packing, this will help resist breaking and damage.
  • If you’re doing your own packing, make sure everything is packed and ready to go the day before moving. When we arrive we will make sure your items have been properly packed.
  • Your quote is based on the specifics that were discussed at the time of planning your move. Any additional requests or items needed to be moved that were not originally quoted will be added to original price quoted.We cannot take anything flammable, pest control substances or any item that could be hazardous to the Hotshots team.