An Easy, Four-Step Process For Moving

Simple Moving Process

You can trust HotShots to give you a safe, secure, and simple move, BECAUSE WE ARE YOUR FRIEND WITH A TRUCK!

Step One – Planning

It’s time to move again but this time you’re using HotShots which means the adventure will be smooth and stress free. We understand the process of moving to a new location can be enough weight on your shoulders, so let’s not add the physical burden of the process. Not only are your possessions safe with us but we also provide peace of mind. Give us a call today to discuss your next move.

Step Two – Packaging

After calling or contacting us it’s time to started packing. HotShots will arrive on time, explain the entire moving procedure and ask if there is anything specific that we should know to help make your move as smooth as possible. We will pack your items in a manner that is the most efficient for your organization as well as our moving process to ensure your items arrive on time and in a safe condition.

If there are items you would like to bring with you yourself to your new location, HotShots will make sure they are separated from the items we are moving so that you don’t forget them.

We make sure everything packed is labeled and accounted for in an inventory checklist that you look over to make sure nothing is missing or forgotten in the moving process.

After signing the inventory confirmation document HotShots begins moving their items. You will receive a copy of the estimated time HotShots will arrive at the new location.

 Step Three – On the Move

You can have peace of mind following us to your location or if you prefer we can meet you there. We drive the speed limit to ensure safety when you are following us and to ensure safety with your belongings we are carrying.

HotShots Accepts Payment in Cash, Certified Check, and major Credit Cards (except for Discover) We do not accept Traveler’s Checks.

Step Four – Unloading

When HotShots arrives at the new location we will first walk through the new home to prep for moving in. This makes sure the area is safe to move around, and that there isn’t anything that could cause damage to your items, or slow down the moving process. We make sure your new home and belongs are not damaged during the process and all our boxes are sorted by room making it easy to unload and keep everything organized.