What are the weight limits for most residential moving companies?

Residential moving companies typically don’t have specific weight limits for your entire shipment. Instead, they base their pricing on a combination of weight and distance. This is because truckloads are priced based on their total weight, and moving companies want to maximize their efficiency and revenue.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding weight and residential moving companies:

  • Minimum weight: Most moving companies have a minimum weight requirement, which is usually around 3,000 pounds. This means that even if your shipment weighs less than 3,000 pounds, you will still be charged for the minimum weight.
  • Weight estimates: When you get a moving estimate from a company, they will typically ask you about the size and weight of your belongings. This information is used to give you an estimated cost for your move. However, the actual weight of your shipment may not be determined until it is loaded onto the truck.
  • Packing weight limits: While there is no overall weight limit for your shipment, there are weight limits for individual boxes. This is to protect the movers from injury and to prevent the boxes from breaking. Most moving companies recommend that you pack boxes to no more than 50-60 pounds.

Here are some additional tips for keeping the weight of your shipment down:

  • Declutter before you move: Get rid of any unwanted items before you move. This will help to reduce the weight and cost of your move.
  • Use the right size boxes: Don’t overload boxes. This can make them difficult to move and more likely to break.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes: Distribute the weight evenly throughout your boxes.