When it’s time to move, you may skip calling the moving company and decide to enlist a few friends. After all, you can easily sway someone with a truck to help you out when you take everyone out to dinner once the move is complete. Before you give your friends the job, here are three reasons not to ask friends for help and to hire a moving company instead.

#1: Prevent Injuries

Moving isn’t easy because objects are going to be heavy and awkward, and if you haven’t moved with your friends before, you may lack direction and this can lead to injuries. You can prevent these injuries from happening when you hire pro movers because they know the proper techniques for lifting and protecting areas of the body like the back. Additionally, movers have experience with odd-shaped and heavy items.

#2: Pro Movers Prevent Broken Items

Your friends may not be as gentle with those fragile items as movers will be. Movers know the proper packing and loading techniques to ensure that fragile boxes and pieces are protected during the ride to the next location. Plus, when you go with a moving company, you won’t have to worry about a friend breaking a favorite item and it affecting your relationship.

#3: A Moving Company Shows Up on Time

A moving company is going to be professional while your friends may not feel the same sense of urgency. Friends are more likely to cancel if something comes up or the weather is bad, but pro movers will be there on time, rain or shine. So before you call your friends in to help you move, consider hiring a moving company to prevent injuries and broken items, and to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time.